20 mL of 0.5 M NaCl is required to coagulate 200 mL, of As2S3 solution in 2 hours. The coagulating value of NaCl is ________ .

Answer: 50
The coagulating value of an electrolyte is the minimum concentration of the electrolyte required to cause the coagulation of a sol in a given time. In other words, Minimum concentration of an electrolyte in millimole per litre required to cause precipitation of a solution is called coagulation value.

20 mL of 0.5M NaCl contains NaCl =20×0.5=10 mmol. Now,
200 mL of As2​S3​ is required NaCl for the coagulation =10 mmol.
Therefore, 1000mL of As2​S3​ require NaCl for the coagulation =(10/200)1000​=50 mmol.
So, coagulation value =50.

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