The IUPAC name of K3[Co(C2O4)3] is –
(1) Potassium tris(oxalate) cobaltate(III)
(2) Potassium trioxalatocobalt(III)
(3) Potassium trioxalatocobaltate(III)
(4) Potassium tris(oxalate)cobalt(III)

Answer: Option 3
Explanation: Let’s break down the name to understand it better:

1. Potassium (K): This indicates the presence of potassium ions in the compound.

2. Trioxalatocobaltate(III): This refers to the complex anion [Co(C2O4)3] with a charge of -3. The prefix “trioxalato” indicates the presence of three oxalate ligands (C2O4), and the suffix “-cobaltate(III)” signifies that the central metal ion is cobalt in its +3 oxidation state.

    Therefore, the correct IUPAC name for the given compound is “Potassium trioxalatocobaltate(III)”.

    Note: The Roman numeral (III) indicates the oxidation state of cobalt in the complex.

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