Phosphate containing fertilisers cause water pollution. Addition of such compounds in water bodies causes __________.
(i) enhanced growth of algae.
(ii) decrease in amount of dissolved oxygen in water.
(iii) deposition of calcium phosphate.
(iv) increase in fish population.

Answer: Option (i), (ii)
Phosphate-containing fertilizers can lead to water pollution when they are added to water bodies. This pollution results in the enhanced growth of algae (option i) due to the excess availability of nutrients like phosphorus, which algae thrive on. As the algae bloom, they can deplete the water of dissolved oxygen, causing a decrease in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water (option ii). This can harm aquatic life and disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.
The other options, deposition of calcium phosphate (option iii) and an increase in fish population (option iv), are not directly related to the negative effects of phosphate pollution in water bodies.

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