Structures of BeCl2 in solid state, vapour phase and at very high temperature respectively are:
(1) Polymeric, Dimeric, Monomeric
(2) Dimeric, Polymeric, Monomeric
(3) Monomeric, Dimeric, Polymeric
(4) Polymeric, Monomeric, Dimeric

Answer: Option 1
In solid state, BeCl2 exists as a polymeric structure, where the beryllium and chlorine atoms are linked together in a chain-like structure. This is due to the presence of bridging chlorine atoms that connect the beryllium atoms.

In vapor phase, BeCl2 exists as a dimeric structure, where two molecules of BeCl2 are linked together through a chlorine bridge. This dimeric structure is stabilized by weak van der Waals forces.

At very high temperature, BeCl2 exists as a monomeric structure, where individual molecules of BeCl2 are present. This is because at high temperature, the Be-Cl bonds become weaker and the compound dissociates into individual molecules.

Therefore, the correct answer is option (1), which describes the structures of BeCl2 in solid state, vapor phase, and at very high temperature.

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