The correct statement for the molecule,CsI3 is
(1) it is a covalent molecule
(2) it contains Cs+ and I3− ions
(3) it contains Cs3+ and I ions
(4) it contains Cs+, I and lattice I2 molecule

Answer: Option 2
(1) Incorrect: CsI3 is not a covalent molecule because it contains a metal (Cs) and a non-metal (I), and typically covalent bonds form between non-metals.
(2) Correct: CsI3 contains Cs+ ions (Cesium cations) and I3− ions (triiodide anions). The Cs+ ion is a metal cation, and the I3− ion is an anion formed by three iodine atoms.
(3) Incorrect: The Cs ion in CsI3 is Cs+ (Cesium cation) and not Cs3+. (4) Incorrect: CsI3 does not contain lattice I2 molecules. It forms a crystal lattice structure due to the electrostatic attraction between Cs+ and I3− ions.

Note: CsI3 does not contain a lattice structure of I2 molecules. It is an ionic compound made up of Cs+ and I3− ions, and the formation of I3− involves the reaction between I2 and I− ions to create the tri-iodide ion.

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