The enthalpy change for the adsorption process and micelle formation respectively are
(1) ∆Hads < 0 and ∆Hmic >  0
(2) ∆Hads < 0 and ∆Hmic < 0
(3) ∆Hads > 0 and ∆Hmic < 0
(4) ∆Hads > 0 and ∆Hmic > 0

Answer: Option 1
Solution: Adsorption: Adsorption is an exothermic process because it involves the attraction of molecules or ions to a surface, which releases energy and decreases the surface energy of the system. (∆Hads < 0)Micelle Formation: Micelle formation is endothermic because it requires an input of energy to disrupt the existing interactions between molecules in the solution and promote the formation of micelles with a hydrophilic outer shell and a hydrophobic core. This energy input results in an increase in the system’s overall energy. (∆Hmic >  0)

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