The order of screening effect of electrons of s, p, d and f orbitals of a given shell of an atom on its outer shell electrons is:
(i) s > p > d > f
(ii) f > d > p > s
(iii) p < d < s > f
(iv) f > p > s > d

Answer: Option 1
Screening effect refers to the ability of inner-shell electrons to shield the outer-shell electrons from the full nuclear charge. Generally, inner-shell electrons have a greater shielding effect on the outer-shell electrons. The s orbital electrons have the closest proximity to the nucleus and experience the highest nuclear charge, resulting in the highest screening effect. The p orbitals are farther from the nucleus and have a lower screening effect than the s orbitals. Similarly, the d and f orbitals are even farther and have even lower screening effects compared to the s and p orbitals.

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