The total number of intensive properties from the following is _____
Volume, Molar heat capacity, Molarity, Eqcell, Gibbs free energy change, Molar mass, Mole

Answer: 4

Solution: Intensive Properties: Independent of the amount of the substance: Intensive properties are inherent characteristics of a substance that do not depend on the quantity or mass of the material. They remain the same regardless of the amount you have.

Extensive Properties:Depend on the amount of the substance: Extensive properties are characteristics that depend on the quantity or mass of the material. As you increase the amount of the substance, extensive properties change proportionally.

Key Differentiation:One way to distinguish between these properties is by imagining what happens when you take two identical objects made of the same material and put them side by side:

  • If the property remains the same (e.g., temperature, density), it’s an intensive property.
  • If the property doubles (e.g., mass, volume), it’s an extensive property.
    Based on above discussion,

Extensive : Mole, Volume, Gibbs free energy.
Intensive :  Molar mass, Molar heat capacity, Molarity, Eqcell

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